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Intellectual Property Protection Policy

Intellectual Property Protection Policy


This policy is effective from 04/03/2023.


Trademarks: The name, logo and all other identifying marks of our accounting and auditing firm are our intellectual property and are protected by trademark law. We will also take legal action against anyone who uses our trademarks without our permission.


Copyright: We create original content such as reports and articles that are protected by copyright law. We grant permission to others to use our content only under certain circumstances, such as with written consent from us.


Patents: Our accounting and auditing firm may develop new products or processes that may be eligible for patent protection. We will take steps to obtain patents for anyone who meets the terms of the invention and will enforce our patent rights against anyone who infringes them.


Trade secrets: We may have confidential information, such as customer lists or processes, that are not publicly known and do not provide a competitive advantage. We will also take measures to protect this information, including non-disclosure agreements with our employees and contractors.


Enforcement: If we suspect that someone has infringed our intellectual property rights, we will take appropriate legal action to protect our rights. This may include sending a cease and desist letter, filing a lawsuit, or seeking other legal remedies.


Customer Confidentiality: We understand that our customers may share confidential information with us, such as financial records and business plans. We will take all necessary steps to protect our customers' confidential information and will only use it for the purpose for which it was shared.


Client Ownership of Intellectual Property: Any intellectual property we create for our clients, such as financial statements or business plans, is owned by the client. We will not claim ownership or use it for purposes other than those agreed with the customer.


Nondisclosure Agreement: We may require our customers to sign nondisclosure agreements to protect our customers' confidential information and intellectual property. These agreements will be legally binding and enforceable to the fullest extent of the law.


Intellectual Property Disputes: In the event of intellectual property disputes between our customers and third parties, we will fully cooperate with our customers to protect their intellectual property rights. We will also take steps to ensure that our customers do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.


By following these intellectual property protection measures, we aim to protect the intellectual property of our accounting and auditing firm and ensure that our competitive advantage is not compromised.


(Last updated: 03 April 2023)


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Manager: Victoria Trayanova